Is the wiring in your property dated?


Life expectancy of household cable is around 30 years depndant on how much load it is being put under, and the environment it is situated in.


Many older homes may only have one socket circuit, which 30 years ago would have been fine with the electrical demand for a property. However with more electrical appliances being used within the household, the demand for power has increased largely. For example in a three bed house you would now install three socket circuits, to meet the households needs.


Also with many different energy saving techniques now available, home owners are trying to reduce their bills as much as possible. One of these ways would be to install energy saving lamps or LED light fittings. They are alot cheaper to run and need less maintenance required.


People think of a rewire as being a huge upheavall, due to the mess and time. However, JVDC Electrical Ltd pride ourselves on being tidy and time efficient to help the customer as much as possible, especially if it is an occupied rewire.